Use of Force

The National Use of Force (NUF) section responds to the changing needs of RCMP officers, the organization, and the public by:

  • Developing and modifying policy;
  • Developing and modifying training; and
  • Identifying, researching and at times evaluating equipment through pilot projects.

Examples of current and ongoing NUF initiatives include:

  • Development of mandatory training related to officer safety initiatives;
  • Continuing training for the RCMP Patrol Carbine, associated equipment and policy;
  • Feasibility studies and testing new equipment
  • Collection and management of Subject Behavior/Officer Response (SBOR) use of force reporting, including statistical analysis, quality assurance and training/policy development based on information gathered from SBOR reports.;
  • The Incident Management/Intervention Model (IMIM)
  • 'Taser' Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW)
  • Modernization of RCMP training materials to reflect the latest developments in policing trends and research; and,
  • Relationship-building, cooperation and information exchange with national and international policing partners.

National Use of Force also assists in reviewing and implementing use of force-related recommendations made by fatality and/or coroner's inquiries as well as internal and external reviews.

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