Snowmobile patrols take place in Kings District

February 22, 2021
Kings County, Prince Edward Island

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2021-02-22 sled

Kings District RCMP were joined by PEI Conservation Officers for snowmobile patrols this past Friday and Saturday, February 19 and 20 and will continue to do so as long as the snow provides an opportunity to get the sleds out.

Patrols were made on Friday from Cardigan to Peakes with multiple demands completed for the Approved Screening Device (ASD/breathalizer) to counter impaired operation of off road vehicles and snowmobiles.

On Saturday, from St Peters to Souris Line Road, the officers encountered 29 sleds and one all terrain vehicle (ATV). One ticket was issued for not having a trail pass, and one warning for registration as well one ASD completed.

RCMP and Conservations Officers enjoy the opportunity to interact with sledders to ensure that safety is a priority and that the laws are being upheld for the safety of everyone and compliance to trail registration.

Remember, know your machine, know your terrain and always let someone know where you're headed and what your general plans are. And as always, don't drive impaired. It's a Criminal Code offence whether you're driving your car or your snowmobile.


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